Php interview questions and answers for freshers pdf


    QUESTIONS. REAL TIME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Thanks For downloading This PHP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Book. This book hidden features like you can image for games, create files, GTK . PHP Faqs PDF Download Last week I met one of my old friend. He want to know the job opportunities in PHP. He had done a course in PHP from one local. Read all about PHP Interview question and Answers for freshers with PDF format download for free and get more guidance only on.

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    Php Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

    + PHP Interview Questions for Freshers – In this list I am sharing the top asked + interview questions with answers for php freshers who will going. Contains Important PHP Interview Questions with Answers and PHP FAQs helpful for Pdf | PHP Technical Questions and Answers | PHP Programming Interview For Freshers | PHP Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced | PHP. PHP Interview Questions - Here are some of the best PHP Interview Questions with Answers. This is a PDF generated by PHPKB Knowledge Base Script.

    Today we are going to discuss the basic questionnaire for freshers. When you are going for interview these below questions and answers are must for every one. You can also enjoy free PDF to download with. What is PHP? PHP is server side scripting language. It is the most widely used web technology to create dynamic web pages.

    What is Open Source Software? Software in which the source codes are freely used, modify, and shared by anyone are called Open Source Software. These can also be distributed under licenses that adhere with the Open Source Definition.

    The default GET has a limit of characters. The POST method does not have any restriction in data size to be sent. What are the different errors in PHP?

    There are 4 basically types of error. Parse Error — Commonly caused due to syntax mistakes in codes e. Warning Error — These occurs when u try to include a file that is not present, or delete a file that is not on the server.

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    This will not halt the script; it will give the notice and continue with the next line of the script. What is session and why do we use it? I try to catch the developers who are constantly learning new things, they are driven by curiosity and also very creative, not just in problem solving but in general too. Hire Laszlo Now. In my opinion, this will define how good a developer will become in the future.

    An example of a Notice would be accessing an undefined variable. Warnings — more important errors than Notices, however the scripts continue the execution. An example would be include a file that does not exist. Fatal — this type of error causes a termination of the script execution when it occurs.

    An example of a Fatal error would be accessing a property of a non-existent object or require a non-existent file.

    Understanding the error types is very important as they help developers understand what is going on during the development, and what to look out for during debugging.

    Enabling error messages is very important especially during the debugging process as one can instantly get the exact line that is producing the error and can see also if the script in general is behaving correctly. A Trait cannot be instantiated on its own. A Final class or method declaration prevents child class or method overriding.

    The Destructor method takes no parameters. Understanding of arrays and array related helper functions is important for any PHP developer. He is an expert in the following languages: Node. Hire Agli Now. You can also evaluate if the developer knows the if syntax and how to print text echo function.

    How would you get the sum of the integers contained inside input?

    PHP Interview Questions

    There is no unique answer to this question, but the answer must be similar to this one. PHP Interview Question 15 Suppose you receive a form submitted by a post to subscribe to a newsletter.

    This form has only one field, an input text field named email. How would you validate whether the field is empty? Print a message "The email cannot be empty" in this case.

    There is not unique answer for this question, but it must be similar to this one. This class must have an attribute named ballCount which starts from 0 and a method iFoundaBall.

    When iFoundaBall is called, ballCount is increased by one. If the value of ballCount is equal to seven, then the message You can ask your wish is printed, and ballCount is reset to 0. How would you implement this class? Hire Oscar Now. PHP Interview Question 16 Question provided by Merlyn Coslett Private — Visible only in its own class Public — Visible to any other code accessing the class Protected — Visible only to classes parent s and classes that extend the current class This is important for any PHP developer to know because it shows an understanding that building applications is more than just being able to write code.

    PHP Basic Interview Questions for freshers with answers | TestingBrain

    One must also have an understanding about privileges and accessibility of that code. There are times protected variables or methods are extremely important, and an understanding of scope is needed to protect the integrity of the data in your application along with provide a clear path through the code.

    PHP Interview Question 17 Question provided by Merlyn Coslett Getters and setters are methods used to declare or obtain the values of variables, usually private ones.

    They are important because it allows for a central location that is able to handle data prior to declaring it or returning it to the developer. Within a getter or setter one is able to consistently handle data that will eventually be passed into a variable or additional functions. Getters and setters are often used when dealing with objects, especially ones that will end up in a database or other storage medium. Because PHP is commonly used to build web applications, developers will run across getters and setters in more advanced environments.

    They are extremely powerful yet not talked about very much.

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